Robert working at Eurofiber

Working at Eurofiber means making an impact. Contributing to the digitalization of our society. At Eurofiber, we believe that the strength of each individual contributes to our success. Joining Eurofiber means taking the lead, doing your bit and having a real impact on society.

But what does this actually mean? Our colleagues Niels, Cindy, Andrew, Robert, Anisa and Alexander are happy to share their story about Eurofiber.

Robert and Alexander

'Taking initiative and being the entrepreneur of your work, that is expected.'

Andrew and Cindy

'I think the company gives you the power and the opportunities to make your own decisions, but you also have to be responsible enough to ensure that all your tasks are completed.'

Anisa and Niels

'We make a huge impact without always being  aware of it. When I drive to the office I Eurofiber everywhere and that is really cool.'

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