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Maarssen, NL
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Information Technology

Job Description

What are you going to do?

Given our diverse customer propositions and our ever-growing business, we have a variety of assignments you can work on, depending on your study, interests and background. In all cases there will be an element of analyzing, designing, building and testing technology. We encourage you to apply if you get excited about the following topics:

  1. Help us finish building our management environment, with just-in-time networking with for example Boundary and the existing overlay that we already have. We have a strong foundation as we already know what we want, but many things still need to be done from an implementation point of view, for example; 
    • Finish the IPv6 overlay/Networking dual stack in Azure (IPv4/IPv6). Cloud networking knowledge, advanced networking knowledge (NAT64, VPN Tunnels, L3 Routing, Proxies) and Linux knowledge is required. 
    • New VPN spokes deployment automation to be tested with a keen eye on security. 
    • Advise us on the ‘just-in-time-network-access’ part with Boundary. We would like to see a full working demo environment, including monitoring, logging and proven just-in-time-access. 
  2. We want to know more about AKS-style multi-cluster control plane implementations without using PaaS-hyperscale cloud products for our future private cloud customers. This project can be made suitable for graduation students who need to show research capabilities to create projects out of indetermined descriptions that benefit the business. Strong Kubernetes/Linux knowledge is required here. The outcome should provide insights to the advantages/disadvantages compared with full node control planes (cost/management/security perspective) but also can also show us the limitations/considerations that we need to be aware of (based on PoC testing). 
  3. Comparable with project 2, but less complex is the implementation of eBPF network overlay (Cilium for example) and again we would like to see the limitations/considerations based on a working PoC. For more ambitious students this can also be combined with option 2, packaged as ‘multi-cluster management on private cloud with eBPF networking’ 
  4. Build up development environments through automated boilerplate deployment chains (via CI/CD) using the self-hosted platform and additional cluster setup, to provide developers project specific environments. For a more slimmed-down version, the setup can be used to test, verify and regression test helm chart deployments, using CI/CD methodologies and technologies.  

Are you getting excited about our company and the work that we do, but do you think you have a better idea? Let’s talk about it and see if we can make it fit!

What do we offer?

  • Flexibility:  Working from home? Slightly different working hours? We make it work together!
  • Internship allowance: part of the deal
  • Development: On the job, via your colleagues and regular check-in with your supervisor
  • Impact:  our customers are vital organizations in society, such as hospitals and schools. In addition, we take our social responsibility as a company on which we report annually.

Company Description

What do we do?

We build and host applications in public, private and hybrid cloud set ups for customers who rely on security, capacity and reliability for their vital business processes. We make an impact with our customers by designing, building and managing platforms for their business challenges. Together with our colleagues from data center and connectivity, we offer a wide range of solutions for companies on their digital journey. You will be working on solutions for customers in Public Services, Retail, Food and other businesses. You might have already used our solutions without knowing it.


Your Profile:

If you are someone who is self-starting, likes to work with others to achieve improvements and is not afraid to ask questions, then we have a perfect learning and internship opportunity for you.

Additional Information

Location: Maarssen next to the station, Hybrid.

Internship period: minimum 5 months.

Eurofiber is a fast-growing international player in the connectivity and cloudification market. We contribute to the digitization of society so that organizations can realize their potential through our digital infrastructure in a safe and reliable way. We cherish our entrepreneurial spirit and are always looking for ways to improve. This is reflected in our values: Excellence, Collaboration, Freedom and Dynamism. Have a look on our website to find out more.

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